Cheaper Than Dirt Guns: Top Three Handguns!

Because my big brother is a gun enthusiast, I`ve decided to write this article on my blog for him. I`m pretty sure he will love it.

This article will be about Cheaper Than Dirt and the gun items the brand sells. This company used to be one of the most popular gun retailers from the United States. A lot of people are usually a bit confused when they visit the brand`s website looking for Cheaper Than Dirt guns because of the huge list of firearm types. The below list will probably make things clear for you gun lovers out there.

In my brother`s opinion, these are the most popular guns sold on Cheaper Than Dirt.

1. Glock Pistols

Gock pistols are popular for 3 main reasons – they are reliable, unconventional and cool. The most well known Glock pistol is the Model 17 because of its polymer frame that is molded by injection. Having a length of 204 mm and height of 138mm, this handgun has become the favorite of many gun enthusiasts because of its light weight (22.04oz) and resistance to impact and corrosion.

The G17 gun is very simple, but also very effective. This full size pistol has a magazine capacity of 17 rounds (9mm caliber) and is designed for defense, competition or tactical purposes. Other additional options of this great handgun are night sights, magazine pouch, tactical lights, adjustable sights or holsters. Cheaper Than Dirt will let you buy this firearm at quite a reasonable price.

2. Walther PPK

On the 2nd place I`ve decided to put the Walther PP handguns, PP standing for Polizie Pistole. In this post, we`ll review the Walther PPK gun because I particularly like this model. The Walter PPK semi automatic pistol has a length of 155mm and a weight of 22.4oz. It has fixed sights, black synthetic grips an exposed hammer. This pistol was among the first models to have a decocker, which is a feature designed for safety in which when the hammer is depressed, the slide would drop in safe way.

What I really like at the Walther PPK handgun is that Cheaper Than Dirt sells it at a less expensive price than many other handguns, although its features recommend it as one of the best handguns I`ve ever used. And if you also have a promo code to use along with it, that`s even better.

3. Browning Hi Power

The Browning Hi Power pistol is a semi automatic gun available in 2 types of calibers: .40 S&W and 9mm. This was the last of John Browning`s designs, at the request of Fabrique Nationale to offer a sidearm to the military service in France. It weighs 35.2oz and has a length of 197mm. The Belgians decided to change its name into P-35. This handgun can hold 13 rounds in a double column magazine, a remarkable thing at the time of its creation.

If you want to purchase this gun from Cheaper Than Dirt, you`ll most likely get it at a great price. And if also have a CTD promo code for this particular product, the price for which you`ll get it can`t be found anywhere else. Simply visit the company`s website for more information.

NoMoreRack`s Turn from a Flash Sales Site into an eCommerce Website

eCommerce seems to go through a new revolution. Flash deals sites have become an important part of this story in the last few years. Various websites such as Fab, Gilt or Rue La La have started to receive more attention from investors or consumers.

Even so, while a lot of such flash sales websites concentrate on fashion or luxury items, NoMoreRack has found a new type of success by trying to offer customers all the things they generally need every day at very cheap rates – to help consumers to afford items they could not otherwise. Melina Ash, NoMoreRach`s co-founder, tells us that NMR is interested to eventually become just as important as Target when it comes to online deals.

Their main target was to cut out the middle level and essentially work straight with suppliers so customers can be closer to the items they purchase, providing around 70 to 80% off almost anything from clothing to electronics.

Originally launched in Vancouver, NoMoreRack has mostly flown unseen if we compare it to other similar websites, but in only 1 year and a half, NMR evolved quite significantly. In the middle of 2012, the brand developed to a 30-member staff, with 4.500.000 subscribers, over 20.000.000 page views each and every month, and managing to sell more than 8.000 products per day (5 products each minute). You can`t even imagine the growth today. Actually you can, but you will still be surprised.

Sure, such flash sales sites have managed to take plenty of heat in the last few years for mostly being a marketing gimmick. There have been plenty of cutbacks and layoffs, despite the excitement coming from clients over discovering great digital offers for their urge for online purchases.

Just like Fab, you can ask NMR founders how they would define the brand, and they will be quick to say they are in fact not a flash deals website. But that is not entirely true because the website provides 9 main deals each day, putting those big discounted products for sale in front of hundreds of other products each morning. But if most of these deals were changed each night, doesn`t this mean it`s a flash deals model?

However, over the past couple of months, NoMoreRack managed to expand into a different kind of site, providing “events” now. These events normally concentrate on one particular section, such as household product for instance, and may provide twenty to fifty related items for a few days. In time, this became a larger part of NMR`s business as it tried to evolve into a real eCommerce website.

Author Bio:

Richard Nelson is one of those persons who enjoys finding new online methods to save money. He`s even created a site about Nomorerack discounts and promo codes that you can visit it here:

How Discounts Coupons & Promo Codes Help You Save Money Online

Earlier, shoppers were asked to bring the paper cutting from newspapers or magazines to the store in order to avail discounts. But with increasing trend of online shopping, availing discounts through promo codes and coupons have become really easy and convenient.

There are some codes and special links that direct the buyers to the discount sites, where they can simply punch in the code and save money on their purchase.

Nowadays, many e-retailers provide special discounted deals to attract new customers. This is a part of their marketing strategies that focus on attracting and retaining the loyalty of customers for a long time. These discount coupons can be used online, as well as on conventional stores via telephone while making the purchase.

How to Use Discount Coupons Online?

So how do you use coupon discount deals? Well, it is very easy. All you need to make the purchase on any e-commerce website, enter the coupon code at time of check- out and hit the pay button. The discounted price will reflect in your invoice.

How to Find Discount Coupons?

Discount coupons can significantly reduce the amount of purchase on your final bill. In order to find the right coupon code, simply enter the merchant’s name on any popular search engine and search for a discount promo code. You can also sign-up for newsletters and mailing list of your favorite online shopping stores. This is a good way to ensure that you get timely updates and information on discounts and coupons being offered by the retailer on various products. This will also help eliminate the need of wasting time searching for discounts in newspapers or magazines.

How Can They Benefit Me?

In this section, we’ll talk about some benefits of using discount coupons online. Let’s take a look at a few benefits that you can attain by using discount coupons or promo codes when shopping online.

● One of the major benefits of using discount coupon codes is that they help you save money on each purchase you make, depending upon the terms and conditions mentioned. If you’re lucky enough, you may also end up availing the benefits of free shipping. This makes the shopping experience more convenient and overwhelming.

● Some codes can also offer the benefit of buying on “buy one, get second free” terms. It could be the same item you would have purchased or another product of the similar or less value.

● Another advantage of using such coupon codes is that they allow buyers to shop as per their convenience. Most coupons last for some days, weeks or even a month. Make sure you keep a note of the expiry date of the coupon you have, so you don’t forget to use it before expiry.

If you’d search the internet, you will find lots of discount codes available for all kinds of purchasing. The best part is that you can use them any time you want and save good amount of money on every purchase you make online. A smart shopper knows how to find the best possible deals and discounts being offered by merchants and retailers. It’s an effective way to help minimize your expenses.

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Jane Porter is a prolific writer about different ways that anyone can use to save money. See here her blog to read about more saving-money methods and coupon offers: CouponCodesGuides.

OTV on Skim

There has been quite a bit of murmurings about the blogging internets regarding the number of blogs in readers and the sheer impossibility it is to get to all of them. I think I read at least 4 posts on the topic last week.

Clearly, 4 whole posts doesn’t constitute the interwebs gone wild, but you get the picture—people are talking.

It seems we have a blog/life balance—kind of like a work/life balance except without a salary, and benefits. A couple of months ago, my balance was quite seriously out of whack. Like, to the point where G would come up to me on the laptop, try and close it and say ‘all done!’

It’s sad when a two-year old who can barely remember she needs to use the toilet schools a perfectly potty-trained thirty year old on getting her priorities straight. Thanks, G—I knew we kept you around for a reason other than the fact that we’re legally obligated.

I’m so thankful for my readers—all six of you that followed me from Blogger over to WordPress and the new ones I’ve picked up along the way, and wanted to do you a solid because I’m awesome like that.

The average online reader spends approximately 96 seconds reading an article/post on a site. I realize that, at times, my posts are a bit lengthy and so, I present to you OTV (On the Verge) on Skim.

OTV on skim is for the skimmers–it’s basically my post without the added fat (read: nonsense), and the key points presented in a way that you can read what you like and get the rest in bullets at the end of each post.
Kind of like Cliff’s Notes but there won’t be a test afterwards.

As much as I would love for you to read every single word, I do realize that you have lives…

…or at least a Real Housewives marathon to watch.

Or maybe that’s just me.

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